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January 2021-Tired of Earning 0% on Your Savings?
May 2021- The Beneficiary Checklist


December 2020-Are You Tall Enough to Invest, Being Warren Buffett For Your Kids, Holiday Spending, Year-end To Do’s
November 2020- 401(k) Loans, Magic of Compounding, Household CFO, Center Square
September 2020-Financial Stability, Non Guaranteed Assets vs Guaranteed Assets HELOCS
August 2020-One Club Suggestion For Personal Finance
July 2020- How Whole Life Helped Build Disney and Other Famous Companies
June 2020-Does Buy Term and Invest the Difference Really Make Sense
May 2020-Backhoes and Whole Life….When SImple Becomes Simplistic
April 2020-Pragmatic Visualization, Secure Act, Lower Interest Rate Trend
March 2020-Choose Your Trustee Wisely, Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage?
February 2020-Money Stress, Real ID, Avoiding Bankruptcy
January 2020-Making a List, IRAs and the Unknown Future Taxation


December 2019-How to protect against a bear market
November 2019-Trading in Your Financial Goals for Habits
October 2019-Whole Life Policy Loans Retirement Planning
September 2019-FOMO vs FOL – Fear of Missing Out vs Fear of Loss
August 2019-Bank of Mom and Dad The First Life Ins Decision Manage Debt

July 2019-High Income Doesn’t Equal Financial Savvy-Dynamic Principles
June 2019- Prepared For Widowhood- Delusion of Athletic
May 2019- Others In Your Retirement, Cover Your Assets, YOYO
April 2019- What Financial Information are your listening to
March 2019-Will You Actually Retire in a Lower Tax Bracket? Not Likely!
February 2019-12 Ways to Fund a Business
January 2019-Mobile Device can Negatively impact your Financial decisions, Paying Down Debt is NOT The Same As Saving!


December 2018- Pay it Forward and Save Someones Financial Life
November 2018 -Chasing Rates of Return
October 2018-The REAL Value of an Asset – Life After Driving – Student 
June 2018-Resist the Financial Fans Expertise What happened to our Pension Plans Real Cost of Retirement Caregiving
May 2018-Guaranteed is Better Than Safe, TaxesThe Not So Obvious, Disability Ins., Shop Loan Rates
April 2018-Stop Hurrying, Economic Life Value, Social Security
February 2018-Tax Law Changes, Adults Only Financial Strategy, Can You Be Orphaned in Retirement
January 2018-Unintended Consequences of 401(k) Deposits. Term Life Insurance- It’s Not So Simple.


December 2017- Old Standards vs New Standards, Beyond 529 Plans, Deferred Comp.
November 2017- 529 Plans Aren’t the Only Way to Fund an Education!
October 2017-Is Investment Risk Necessary?
September 2017-Want Guaranteed Income? Add Annuities
August 2017-Weatherproof Wealth: Investing for Stability in Uncertain Times 
July 2017-Time Mgmt, Protect Your Most Imp. Asset, New Twist on Home Equity, Distributions from Whole Life
June 2017-Life Insurance- Its Not An Either Or Decision
May 2017- Financial Ideas (401k’s & Student Loans) That Have Jumped the Shark

April 2017- 15 yr vs 30 yr Mortgage- Never too late to pass Financial Wisdom on to your Children
March 2017- The Value of Liquidity

February 2017-The Best Return Boosting Strategy
January 2017-I am Your Dutch Uncle, Save 15% of Your Gross Income, Live Within Your Means


December 2016-Give Your Dollars A Lifetime Guarantee
November 2016-Taming the High Cost of a College Education
October 2016-How Much Life Insurance? Reverse Mortgage. Deferred Comp. The Economist
September 2016- How Risky is Your Risk Assessment Questionnaire
August 2016- Resolving Tribal Conflict In Retirement Planning
July 2016-5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Whole Life Insurance
June 2016- Retirement – Home Purchases – Disability June 2016
May 2016- Surviving Life’s Financial Storms
April 2016- CPI and the Truth About Inflation
March 2016-People Listen to Forecasters Because They Want a Scapegoat!, Whole Life Asset Class
February- Average Rate of Return and Whole Life as a Financial Instrument
January- Kick Start Your Savings

December – Should You Cash Out Your 401(k) or IRA?
November – Retirement in a Low-Interest Rate Environment, Zero-Interest Loans, Loan Management
October – Social Security, BTID, 401(k), Ownership
September – Social Security and Annuities
August – The Accumulation Trap
July – How Important is Rate of Return? Whole Life in Retirement, Extra Principal Mortgage Payments
June – The Loss of the Employer Pension, Best Way to Purchase Your Next Car, So Many Underinsured, IRS Scammers
May – The Long Game…A Path to Success
April – Don’t Become a Statistic. Life, Disability, Small Bus Succession Plan & Saving
March – Family Banking 101
February – When to File for Social Security Income
January – How Safe is Your Savings Account?

December – Will You Retire on Your Own Terms?
November – Don’t Tinker with your Financial Plan – Plus the Cost of Education Debt
October – Maximum Insurance for your Assets, Income, Health & Human Life Value
September – Roth Over Traditional IRA/401(k) / Beneficiary Designation Mistake
July – “Boomerang Kids,” Mr. IRA says Buy Whole Life, Debts Die When You Do?
June – What is so Stressful about Money?
May – Retirement Income From Whole Life
April – Proper Financial Protection, Changing Realities of Retirement, Specifics about Personal Disability Insurance
March – When Life Changes, Update your Beneficiaries
February – The Cost of Waiting to Buy Whole Life
January – Annuities, Living Trust, Cash Flow, Buy-Sell

December – All Weather Risk Mgmt, Social Security, College ROI & Gift of a Lifetime
November – Living Longer, Working Longer, Retiring Later
October – Retirement Serenity
September – Whole Life, Quite Possibly The World’s Perfect Financial Choice
July – 15 year or 30 year Mortgage?
May – Writing your Own Retirement Permission Slip
April – Maximizing Cash Value Accumulation in Whole Life with Paid-up Additions
March – Evaluating Retirement Strategies – What if Income Tax Rates Go Up?
February – Risk Management – Maximum Liability Protection
January – A College Education Has Become Way More Expensive

December – Personal Disability Insurance
November – The Argument for Whole Life
October – The True Cost of A “Really Bad Financial Decision”
September – The Value of Life Insurance as Property (A Collateralized Asset)
August – The Good and Bad of Low Interest Rates
July – Baby Boomers Having to Help their “Cash-Strapped Parents make ends meet”
May – The Ripple Effect
March – The Problem with Student Loan Debt, Life Insurance – Structure the Coverage
February – Universal Life, Understanding Difference Between Projections and Guarantees
January – Special Needs Planning

December – Inflation Distortions
November – The Importance of a Guaranteed Retirement Income
October – Reverse Mortgage
September – Term and Whole Life Insurance
August – Financial Co-Pilot, Life Insurance is Not a Disposable Product
July – Social Security
June – Decreasing Debt, Increasing Liquidity, 529 Plan Withdrawals, Inform Your Beneficiaries
May – The Ripple Effect
April – The Math of a Low/No Risk Approach Makes Sense
March – Whole Life Could Make a Difference in your Financial Plan
February – Is 75 the New 65?
January – Is Your Retirement Calculator Running Out of Options?

December – Intra-Family Loans, Eliminating the Bank
November – Time for an Income Check-Up
October – Permanent Whole Life Insurance, Questions for the “Experts”
September – Just Getting Started – “If I knew then what I know now…”
August – In Order to Succeed, You Must Embrace the Complex Integrated Nature of the Financial World
May – The Difference Between Investigating and Gambling… Is there?
March The Quest for Relevant Financial Information
January – Do the People who Influence you Provide Predictions or Principles?

December – Monte Carlo Model: Educated Guesses are Still Guesses
November – If the Short-term Items are Handled Appropriately, the Long-term prognosis is overwhelmingly favorable
October – The Top 10% AGI $113,000 – Pay 71% of all Income Taxes
September – Understanding the Impact of Credit in the Economy
August – Where Does the Money Go?
July – Changing Financial Philosphies, Bankruptcy
June – Self Insurance Doesn’t Make Sence
May – Million Dollar Matrix, 529 Plan Problems
April – Paydown Strategy
March – IRA
February – Whole Life
January – Are you Properly Insured?

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November – “Ignorance is Not Bliss. It’s Fatal. It’s Costly. And it’s for Losers”
September – Spending Principal and Interest
August – 401(k) Automatic Enrollment…Good or Bad?
July – Do you Have a Financial Parachute?
June – There are No Financial Secrets- Earn Money, Save Money, Acquire Assets that Make Money and Repeat the Process
May – The 80-20 Rule
April – 401(k), IRA, Pension $ – Tax on the Seed or the Harvest
March – Disability – What it Really Means
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December – Go Beyond Needs and Plan for your Financial Wants
November – 401(k) Default vs. Opportunity Planning
September – Protection then Accumulation
August Newsletter (Recommended)
July – 15 year vs. 30 year Mortgage, Goals and Strategies
June – Procrastination!
May – Never Too Many Buckets
April – Own Best Customer
March – 401(k) and Vacation Home… Why Not Both?

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